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‘Follow Your Passion’

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‘Follow Your Passion – Only applicable to citizens of developed nations’! Jobs recent statement ….surprised …i was also..but it’s truth ….how …when …where …NASA is working on it … But the statement is like that…

“If everybody started following their passion, who will wash the dishes man? I mean, the Mexicans don’t have a passion for delivering pizzas, that too ‘ON’ time. The Indians don’t dream of driving cabs around New York City. The Chinese can’t even figure out their passions, they are too busy copying already discovered ”

People Following Steve Jobs: “Shit, we could have made some money.”

People Following Money: “Hahahahahahaha anybody needs a loan? HahahahahahaGoodInterestRateshahahahahahaNoPrePaymentPenaltyhahahaha.”

Brainy Mexicans:”Screw Steve Jobs, Screw America!”

Ever Flexible Indians: “We don’t mind driving cabs around New York City. If you so desire, we can also make it our passion.”

Smart Rahul Gandhi: “If Congress comes to power, we will declare India developed in six months. Problem Solved. Haha kiddos, India is Energy!”

Honest Manmohan Singh: “Theek hai, pehle kaunsa follow ho pa raha tha.”

Concerned Arvind Kejriwal: “Janta ke issues passion nahi hain, unke gharmein bijli nahi jal rahi hai.”

Informed Khap Panchayat: “Aaj se koi bhi gaonwalla “Passion Fruit” ko touch nahi karega!!”

Bihari Babua kahela ‘Passionwa’ ke chakker main hai ….PULSER le la..


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  1. What a piece of writing great… !!1

    Comment by Shashwat Shriparv — 12/23/2013 @ 5:48 am | Reply

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