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To BE or Not to Banker

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‘What do you want to be in your life ?’
That’s a question most of you’ve heard at some time or the other. The first time was probably
from the mouth of a teacher, Or some Gupta or sharma Uncle.And you probably said you wanted to be a Doctor an engineer, a IAS officer a crie-fighter ,and so on. Maybe if you are teacher’s pet,you said ,I want to be a teacher ,like you’. And got a star in your notebook or a pat on the head.
But I never knew what I really wanted to be or do .My answer involved the things I was interested in at that very moment, like
‘Miss ,I want to be a professional wrestler when i grow up. ‘That was year 1993,and we’d just got cable television. A WWE fever.
Around class Seven, it was :’Sir, I want to be a superhero after a radioactive incident of the gamma ray variety .’I had just watched SUPERMAN,SPPIDER MAN and THE HULK in a marathon Hollywood movies, comics or cartoon session.
Around class eleven ,it was .’Miss, I want to become a lion tamer. ‘We’d got Discovery channel and making while working with wild animals seemed simply awesome.
There were many things I wanted to do in life ,but none of them were what I wanted to be on a
Permanent basis. Wrestler ,Cricketer ,Lawyer,Actor,Singer,Model,bartender,DJ,Bouncer,Ninja Fighter, Robot operator ,Professional Party animal -they were all on my list .
Then reality set in and i woke up to the fact I was what the BANKER.


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