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Falling in LOVE

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Hey all ,RATNAKAR_FALLING_IN_LOVEseriously I want to write a review of this book ,so next time when you go to any eCommerce site like  Amazon or flipkart use your ( real ) brain not mine .It took me almost a month to finish this book no no no don’t think about size ,size is perfect , I like big one ‘Love you George R. R. Martin for such a heavy book (Almost a 2.87Kg ) ,also I  am not comparing these two famous book one is Written by my lovely friend Niraj Mishra and other was George R. R. Martin ,both are very different BOOK except CHIKEN PARTY WALA PART , Here I am also completely disagree with DEADPOOL  ki “Some of best love story start with murder “ now this theory is disproved by NIRAJ BHAI ,love story start with YAHOO CHAT, sorry for NEO from MATRIX you use to sleep in morning and working hard at night for just save your MATRIX WORLD but in this book our hero save his life & love in different way and  MR BATMAN what you think you are the only smart person for creating new –new ideas to save world, learn some trick form  one of the most popular book in the present time a name is … haan sorry NIRAJ BHAI  what is your book name …

I am JOKING man I know your book name…seriously how can I forgot the name and I suppose to write a review of such a lovely book “Falling in LOVE “.



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